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Caddies are an essential part of the sport of golf, offering support and assistance to golfers throughout the game. While the term "caddie" is commonly used, there are several synonyms used to describe this important role, including "bag carrier," "professional assistant," and "golf attendant." Other synonyms include "caddy boy," "caddy girl," "forecaddy," and "golf caddy." Each of these terms refers to an individual who is responsible for carrying a golfer's bag, providing advice and guidance, and assisting with course management. No matter what term is used, caddies are an integral part of the golfing experience and their knowledge and expertise make them an invaluable asset to any golfer.

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Usage examples for Caddie

Myron was much bound to his caddie in his way of being attached to his own life and breath.
"Country Neighbors"
Alice Brown
"You spread up the bed in the bedroom, caddie," he bade her, "and go lay down a spell."
"Country Neighbors"
Alice Brown
caddie, you know what you're doin' of?
"Country Neighbors"
Alice Brown

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