What is another word for cheerleader?

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There are a variety of synonyms for the word "cheerleader" that can convey different meanings and contexts. "Pep squad," "spirit squad," and "dance team" are all common terms for a group of performers who offer crowd support at sporting events. "Rah-rah girl" or "rah-rah boy" are more colloquial terms that may be used to describe an enthusiastic supporter or booster of a team, while "mascot" refers to the individual who dons a costume and performs antics to entertain and rouse the crowd. "Advocate," "champion," or "supporter" may also be used to describe someone who is passionate about a particular cause or belief.

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The antonyms for "cheerleader" are fairly straightforward, as they essentially represent the opposite of the supportive, energetic role that a cheerleader typically plays. The first and most obvious antonym would be "naysayer," which refers to someone who is consistently negative and unsupportive. Similarly, "detractor" is an antonym that indicates someone who actively tries to bring others down. Other antonyms for cheerleader might include "introvert," "non-participant," or "wallflower," all of which suggest individuals who are not actively involved in supporting others or promoting a positive atmosphere. Overall, these antonyms for "cheerleader" reflect a range of negative attitudes and personality traits.

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