What is another word for intensification?

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Intensification refers to the action of intensifying or making something more intense. However, there are other words that convey a similar meaning, such as escalation, exacerbation, consolidation, amplification, augmentation, and invigoration. These words imply an increase or a strengthening of something, whether it's emotions, attitudes, or physical properties. Escalation implies the elevation of tension or conflict, exacerbation suggests the aggravation of an existing condition, while consolidation refers to the bringing together of separate elements to create a unified whole. Amplification denotes the amplification of sound or amplification of effect, augmentation suggests enlargement or expansion, whereas invigoration implies revitalization and renewal. All of these words have their slight nuances, but share in conveying the idea of intensification in some form.

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The word 'intensification' means the process of becoming stronger or more forceful. Its antonyms are the words that denote the opposite - weak, decrease, lighten, mitigate, reduce, slacken, soften, and ease. 'Weak' means having less power or strength, while 'decrease' implies a reduction in intensity or pressure. 'Lighten' connotes making something less heavy, and 'mitigate' signifies lessening the severity or intensity of something. 'Reduce' means to reduce something in size or amount, while 'slacken' denotes a decrease or slowing down of something. 'Soften' means to make something less harsh or sharp, and 'ease' implies the removal of tension or difficulty. Overall, these antonyms are useful for conveying a sense of reduction, weakening or easing of intensity.

Usage examples for Intensification

In saying that men think only now and then nothing more is necessarily implied than that men are for the most part sluggish and indifferent, and the periods of high intensification of the normal processes contrast sharply with the habitual lethargy of conduct.
"John Dewey's logical theory"
Delton Thomas Howard
The question to be faced, of course, is whether the processes of thought differ radically from the non-reflective processes in kind, or whether they are simply the intensification of processes which attend all conscious life.
"John Dewey's logical theory"
Delton Thomas Howard
In the latter sense, thought involves an intensification of the powers of observation, an awakening of memory, a general stimulation of all the faculties.
"John Dewey's logical theory"
Delton Thomas Howard

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