What is another word for critical mass?

Pronunciation: [kɹˈɪtɪkə͡l mˈas] (IPA)

Critical mass is a term widely used in various fields, including physics, social sciences and politics. It refers to the point at which a reaction or event becomes self-sustaining and irreversible. There are several synonyms used to describe this phenomenon, including tipping point, saturation point, threshold, breaking point, and boiling point. These terms describe the level at which a change becomes inevitable, and any small addition or subtraction could cause a significant shift in the system. Understanding the concept of critical mass is essential in decision-making, whether related to marketing campaigns, social movements or environmental policies. The synonym we choose to use can depend on context, audience or personal preference.

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Famous quotes with Critical mass

  • The first stage in a technology's advance is that it'll fall below a critical price. After it falls below a critical price, it will tend, if it's successful, to rise above a critical mass, a penetration.
    Chris Anderson
  • So, for me, working with larger companies has often been very satisfying, precisely because of the ability of bringing critical mass to bear on a given effort.
    Vinton Cerf
  • So in 2000, when we changed the business model and started really focusing on that triangle and putting the customer in the center, we decided we should hold off - we've done enough consolidation; we've got enough critical mass.
    Sanjay Kumar
  • When the size of the group supporting your cause reaches a critical mass, any legislator or elected official has to pay attention.
    Mark Shields
  • When an idea reaches critical mass there is no stopping the shift its presence will induce.
    Marianne Williamson

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