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"Bode" is a word that describes a prediction or indication of something that is likely to happen. If you, as a writer, wish to express the same idea with variation in words, you can choose different synonyms to replace "bode." Some of the synonyms for "bode" include foreshadow, portend, augur, presage, and forecast. Each of these words has an individual connotation that can add depth and meaning to your writing. For instance, "foreshadow" subtly suggests a warning or a sign of danger, while "forecast" is a more scientific or mathematical term. Choosing the appropriate synonym can enrich your language and engage your readers.

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Bode is the compositor for the Rouge Potters software which is used to create three-dimensional images of vessels and objects. It is also part of the Rotation and Distortion suite of plugins for 3D rendering in graphics software. Bode was named after the seventeenth-century German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler.

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