What is another word for Flyspeck?

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[ flˈa͡ɪspɛk], [ flˈa‍ɪspɛk], [ f_l_ˈaɪ_s_p_ɛ_k]

Flyspeck is a word used to refer to tiny black dots that result from a fly or other small insect landing on a surface and leaving a residue. Synonyms for the word Flyspeck include speck, spot, stain, dot, mark, particle, fleck, smudge, blemish, and blot. These words can also be used to describe other types of imperfections on a surface. For instance, a blemish can refer to a mark on someone's skin, while a smudge can refer to a mark on a surface caused by fingers or hands. Overall, these words can be used to describe small imperfections that can be easily overlooked but can often be a nuisance.

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What are the hypernyms for Flyspeck?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for Flyspeck?

The word "Flyspeck" refers to a tiny dot, speck or spot. Its antonyms would be words that refer to something large or significant. These include terms such as immense, vast, mammoth or massive. Other antonyms for "Flyspeck" that suggest something notable or important include words like substantial, considerable, significant or significant. Some antonyms for "Flyspeck" focus on the opposite of minuscule or small, including terms such as gigantic, enormous, colossal, or monumental. Overall, the antonyms for "Flyspeck" are words that describe things that are substantial or enormous rather than tiny and insignificant.

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Usage examples for Flyspeck

But to me his ambitions seemed futile, and the whole of Long Island less important than a Flyspeck on the map of the world.
"The Lightning Conductor Discovers America"
C. N. (Charles Norris) Williamson and A. M. (Alice Muriel) Williamson
He was on the point of leaving the bridge, since he could not get another view of that strange little Flyspeck on the ocean and decided it was an allusion, when it occurred to him that for reasons of general security he had better scan the entire circle of the horizon.
Gerhart Hauptmann

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