What is another word for Suggestions?

Pronunciation: [səd͡ʒˈɛst͡ʃənz] (IPA)

When it comes to suggesting something, there are several synonyms for the word "suggestions" that can be used. Alternate phrases include "proposals," "recommendations," "ideas," "advice," and "tips." Each of these phrases conveys a slightly different tone, depending on the context and the relationship between the people involved. "Proposals" and "recommendations" may be more formal than "ideas" or "advice," while "tips" implies a more casual or helpful suggestion. No matter which synonym you choose, the important thing is to communicate your thoughts clearly and respectfully, allowing the recipient to make the best decision for themselves.

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Usage examples for Suggestions

It merely gives a brief outline of and a few Suggestions relating to navigating conditions on board a medium-sized transport, in time of war.
"Lectures in Navigation"
Ernest Gallaudet Draper
I know already Barry Martin's Suggestions as to certain changes have not been well taken, and he is eager and pressing to leave Ireland, lest anything should disturb the concord, frail as it is, between them.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
All you have to do is to carry out my Suggestions, and you may still make yourself and your ranch a credit to the district.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton

Famous quotes with Suggestions

  • If God had been a liberal, we wouldn't have had the Ten Commandments - we'd have the Ten Suggestions.
    Malcolm Bradbury
  • If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments.
    Zig Ziglar

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