What is another word for pebbly?

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There are several synonyms for the word "pebbly." Some of these include gravelly, stony, rocky, boulder-strewn, cobblestone, and cobbled. These words are often used to describe surfaces that have a rough or uneven texture and are covered with small stones or pebbles. When describing a beach, for instance, you might use the word "pebbly" to indicate that the sand is mixed with small rocks and pebbles. Alternatively, you could use "gravelly" or "boulder-strewn" to describe a beach with a particularly rocky shoreline. Overall, these synonyms capture the same idea - a surface or terrain that is covered with small stones or pebbles.

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    How to use "Pebbly" in context?

    Pebbly is a word that has two meanings. The first meaning is that something is bumpy or uneven. The second meaning is that something is soft and smooth. When people first hear the word "pebbly," they might think of the first meaning. But when they see the word used in a sentence, they might think of the second meaning. Pebbly is a adjective and a noun. The adjective pebbly means bumpy or uneven. The noun pebbly means the surface of a body of water or a piece of rock that is bumpy or uneven.

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