What is another word for uneven?

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The term 'uneven' refers to something that is not level or balanced. There are several synonyms of 'uneven' that can be used to describe a similar concept. In the context of an unbalanced surface, you can use 'rough' or 'irregular.' If the subject is a path or road, you can use 'bumpy' or 'rugged.' When describing a person's abilities or qualities, you can use 'inconsistent' or 'unequal.' In terms of distribution or spread, 'spotty' or 'patchy' can be used as synonyms for 'uneven.' Finally, 'varying' or 'unpredictable' can be used to describe something that is inconsistent or fluctuating in nature.

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What are the opposite words for uneven?

Uneven is a term used to describe something that lacks balance, consistency or doesn't appear as smooth or uniform. The main antonym for "uneven" is "even," which denotes a state of uniformity, symmetry or balance. Other antonyms for uneven include "level," "uniform," and "smooth". "Level" refers to something that is flat with no bumps or dips, while "uniform" suggests a consistent or identical pattern. "Smooth" implies that there are no bumps or variations in texture, creating a flat or polished surface. Overall, antonyms for uneven describe a state of harmonious cohesiveness and balance, providing a sense of stability, uniformity, or consistency.

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