What is another word for bumpy?

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Bumpy is a word used to describe something that is uneven or rough in texture. Synonyms for this word include jagged, rocky, irregular, lumpy, rough, unlevel, and bouncy. These words describe objects, surfaces, or terrain that are not smooth and pose difficulties for transportation. The term bumpy is also used to describe a ride in a vehicle or airplane that is rough due to uneven terrain or turbulence. Other synonyms for bumpy may include jarring, shaky, stuttering, and jerky. Whatever word you use, they all entail a surface that is not flat or even.

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Synonyms for Bumpy:

How to use "Bumpy" in context?

The word "bumpy" is defined as:

1. affected by or characterized by short, sudden, and irregular waves or movements; rocky; bumpy.

2. arousing or provoking feelings of discomfort or uneasiness; rough.

The adjective form of "bumpy" is "bumptious." The word "bumppy" is a dialectal variation of "bumpy.

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