What is another word for granule?

Pronunciation: [ɡɹˈanjuːl] (IPA)

Granules are tiny, solid particles that are commonly found in various materials. They can vary in size, shape, and texture. There are many synonyms for the word granule, including particle, bead, pellet, grain, speck, chip, crumb, crystal, flake, fragment, and piece. Each of these words refers to a small, discrete unit that might be found in a larger aggregate. For example, sand is made up of individual grains, while salt may be found as tiny crystals or pellets. Whether used to describe minerals, chemicals, or organic materials, the word granule and its synonyms play an important role in both science and everyday language.

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The word granule refers to small particles or grains. The antonyms for granule are varied and dependent on context. If granule is used in the context of a solid and compressed particle, the antonym might be liquid or gas. Conversely, if the context is related to size, the antonym might be large or oversized. In terms of texture, the antonyms for granule could be smooth or even. On the other hand, if the context is related to data, the antonyms of granule might be big data, voluminous or extensive. Ultimately, the antonyms for granule are diverse and context dependent.

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Usage examples for Granule

Since each little starch granule is surrounded by a woody envelope of cellulose, it becomes necessary to cook all starches thoroughly in order to burst this cellulose envelope and thus enable the saliva to begin, and other secretions to continue, the work of digestion.
"The Mother and Her Child"
William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
A given starch-granule, after being built up in the chlorophyll-corpuscle, is decomposed, and yields part of itself as glucose, which passes down into other parts of the plant in solution.
"Disease in Plants"
H. Marshall Ward
The stones beneath my bare feet were becoming so articulated, I felt as though I could number every granule, every crystal, every atom.
"Life Blood"
Thomas Hoover

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