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When it comes to the word "scroll," there are a plethora of synonyms to choose from. Some common alternatives include "roll," "parchment," "manuscript," "document," and "record." Other options include "volumen," "scrollwork," "strip," "listing," and "inventory." The word "scroll" is often associated with digital devices used to navigate online content by scrolling up or down. For this context, alternatives may include "swipe," "slide," or "scrolling motion." Ultimately, the synonym chosen may depend on the specific context and intended usage of the word.

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How to use "Scroll" in context?

Scroll is a popular web development metaphor and programming pattern that lets a component or module communicate with its parent by sending a list of messages rather than responding to a call from the parent directly.

Scroll is used in a number of libraries, Apollo being the most well-known. It's particularly handy when the parent component wants to reach out to many children at the same time. The children can all be organized into a list, and the parent can send a message to each one at the same time.

One common use for scroll is for displaying a list of items.

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