What is another word for Proxies?

Pronunciation: [pɹˈɒksɪz] (IPA)

Proxies are commonly defined as a substitute or representative for something or someone else. There is a wide range of synonyms for this term, with the most commonly used being surrogates, stand-ins, substitutes, representatives, and agents. Other synonyms include delegates, proxies, intermediaries, deputies, and emissaries. These words all refer to something or someone that takes the place of another and performs a similar function. In many cases, proxies are used in situations where the original thing or person is unavailable, such as in business and politics. Regardless of the particular context, all these synonyms for proxies evoke a sense of interchangeability and flexibility, making them an essential part of our vocabulary.

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Usage examples for Proxies

An', sir, with that he stepped out to the end o' the po'ch, opened his book ag'in, an' holdin' up his right hand to'ards Sonny, settin' on top o' the bean-arbor in the rain, he commenced to read the service o' baptism, an' we stood Proxies-which is a sort o' a dummy substitutes-for whatever godfather an' mother Sonny see fit to choose in after life.
"Sonny, A Christmas Guest"
Ruth McEnery Stuart
The division in the House of Lords showed seventy-nine votes and twenty-four Proxies for the King, in all one hundred and three; and twenty-eight votes and twelve Proxies for the prince, in all forty; the King had a majority, therefore, of sixty-three.
"A History of the Four Georges, Volume II (of 4)"
Justin McCarthy
The second assembly met at St. Mary's, January 25, 1638, and consisted of the governor and council, freemen specially summoned, freemen present of their own volition, and Proxies.
"England in America, 1580-1652"
Lyon Gardiner Tyler

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