What is another word for denude?

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[ dɪnjˈuːd], [ dɪnjˈuːd], [ d_ɪ_n_j_ˈuː_d]

Denude is a verb that means to strip something of its covering or possessions. Some synonyms for denude include uncover, divest, bare, disembowel, dispossess, empty, exhaust, gut, and rob. Uncover suggests removing a covering, clothing, or veil. Divest implies stripping or disrobing a person or removing assets. Bare indicates fully exposing or revealing something. Disembowel refers to removing the internal parts of something. Dispossess means taking something away from someone. Empty suggests removing all contents or resources. Exhaust means draining or using up completely. Gut indicates removing all the inner parts of something. Rob means taking something by force or stealth.

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    The word denude means to strip or impoverish of meaning or essence. It can also refer to the act of stripping the bark or the leaves from a tree. When used as a verb, denude means to deprive of something, often through removal. When used as a noun, denude refers to the bare, thin skin of a tree or other plant. The word denude is often used to describe deforestation, the widespread removal of trees in order to create room for crops or other development.

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