What is another word for signalled?

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There are various synonyms to the word "signalled". One of them is "flagged", which means indicating something as significant or important. Another synonym is "notified", which means giving a formal or official notice of something. "Indicated" is also a synonym which means pointing out or showing something. Similarly, "denoted" is a synonym that refers to indicating or representing something through a sign or symbol. "Announced" also stands as a synonym which means making something publicly known. Lastly, "alerted" is a synonym that means warning or informing someone of potential danger or concerns. Hence, using any of these synonyms in place of "signalled" can improve the effectiveness and diversity of writing.

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Usage examples for Signalled

As he spoke, his expression seemed to take a significance apart from the words; delicately but unmistakably his eyebrows rose, asking a secret question, and as delicately Grizel's eyes met his, and signalled a reply.
"An Unknown Lover"
Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
Accordingly I retraced my steps to the deck and signalled to my tender that I was about to return to the surface.
"A Crime of the Under-seas"
Guy Boothby
Having done this, I signalled to my friends to lower their lines, and, as soon as I had made them fast, had the satisfaction of seeing them drawn up to the schooner above.
"A Crime of the Under-seas"
Guy Boothby

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