What is another word for profusion?

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Profusion refers to a large quantity or amount of something. There are various synonyms to describe this word, such as abundance, plethora, opulence, copiousness, excess, bountifulness, plenitude, and lavishness. Each of these synonyms denotes a state of being in which there is an ample or excessive amount of something. Abundance often connotes a plentiful supply of something while plethora refers to an overabundance or excess of something. Opulence suggests great wealth or luxury while copiousness describes something that is numerous or abundant. Excess is used to describe something that is more than what is needed, while bountifulness and plenitude suggest a generous or extensive supply. Finally, lavishness is used to describe something that is abundant in an extravagant or luxurious way.

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    Profusion is an abundance or excess of something. It can refer to the number of plants, flowers, or animals in a resulting scene. It can also refer to the number of words (or other linguistic units) in a composition.

    Maurice Sendak's 1963 book Where The Wild Things Are features a character named Max who only speaks in profusion. In the book, Max's profusion of speech is a source of joy for the reader, who enjoys the way that Max's constant babble fills the quiet spaces of the story.

    In 1981, the rock band Yes released their album 90125.

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