What is another word for bear market?

Pronunciation: [bˈe͡ə mˈɑːkɪt] (IPA)

A "bear market" is an economic term used to describe a time when the stock market experiences a decline, typically lasting for several months or longer. There are a few synonyms for bear market that can be used interchangeably. One synonym is a "down market," which refers to a time when stock prices are generally decreasing. Another synonym is a "seller's market," which occurs when sellers have an advantage over buyers due to a surplus of goods or services available for purchase. Lastly, a "recession" is a period of economic decline that can last for several years, and is often characterized by high unemployment rates and a decrease in consumer spending.

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What are the opposite words for bear market?

A bear market is a term used to describe a financial market where prices are falling, and investors are pessimistic about the market's future. The opposite of a bear market is a bull market. In a bull market, the economy is in good shape, and investors are bullish on the market's future, resulting in rising stock prices. Other antonyms for bear market include bull run, upswing, boom market, and bull market rally. These terms refer to a period of sustained and robust economic growth, where investors are enthusiastic, and the economy is flourishing. A bull market is known for its long-term upward trend, high performance, and optimism.

Famous quotes with Bear market

  • Any bull market covers a multitude of sins, so there may be all sorts of problems with the current system that we won't see until the bear market comes.
    Ron Chernow
  • I think that I could have been take apart if the bear market continued, but I waited three years before I felt the bear market was over and I was right.
    Jim Cramer

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