What is another word for bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcy is a legal status when a person or entity is unable to pay off their debts. It is often associated with financial distress and insolvency. However, there are several synonyms for the word bankruptcy that can be used interchangeably. These include terms such as insolvency, liquidation, failure, collapse, ruin, and financial breakdown. Other synonyms for bankruptcy might include terms like defaults, delinquency, and debt crisis. Each of these words reflects the idea of financial loss and the inability to pay bills on time. Whatever the synonym used, the term signifies a significant financial struggle and a need for relief.

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    Bankruptcy is a legal word that refers to a situation in which an individual or business cannot afford to pay their debts. If a debtor can no longer afford to pay their debts, their creditors can petition the court for a bankruptcy order. This order grants the debtor a number of protections, including the ability to stay out of legal trouble and to keep any property they may own.

    It's important to remember that bankruptcy is a last resort. Most creditors will agree to a bankruptcy deal only if the debtor is able to show that they have exhausted all other possible solutions.

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