What is another word for providence?

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Providence is often associated with divine intervention, but it also refers to the careful planning and forethought necessary for success. Synonyms like foresight, prudence, caution, and care all highlight the importance of considering the future before taking action. Predestination, fate, and destiny imply that the outcome is predetermined, while luck and chance suggest that success is beyond our control. Other synonyms include guidance, protection, and support, which emphasise the idea that someone or something is looking out for us. Whichever synonym you prefer, it's clear that the concept of providence has deep roots in our language and culture.

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How to use "Providence" in context?

1. providence is believed to be a concept that is encapsulated by the Biblical account of The Exodus from Egypt. It is the divine gift of a guiding hand to those in need. The Hebrew word for "providence" is keli, which means both "favor" and "protection." Providence is often used synonymously with " grace ."

2. Providence has been invoked by theologians, both Protestant and Catholic, to explain the ways in which God has intervened in history to protect people from harm and to provide them with opportunities they may not have otherwise had.

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