What is another word for unequal?

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The word "unequal" can be used to describe situations, relationships or circumstances that are unjust or disproportionate. Some of the synonyms for "unequal" include inequitable, uneven, unfair, unjust, imbalanced, partial, biased, discriminatory, disproportionate, one-sided, and lopsided. Each of these synonyms conveys a sense of imbalance or injustice that needs to be addressed. These words are often used to describe inequalities in wealth, power, or opportunity, as well as social or political systems that perpetuate inequality. By using these words, we can raise awareness of the problem and work towards creating a more just and equitable society.

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How to use "Unequal" in context?

With the ever-growing standard of living and competition in the world, one must be prepared to work hard to achieve success. Unfortunately, some people have an unfair advantage over others, owing to factors like wealth, race, or sex. The unequal playing field has created a range of challenges that we must work together to overcome.

1. Inequality hurts everyone in the long run.

Society has become much more competitive in the past few decades, and with that has come a rise in inequality. Too often, those who are wealthy and have advantages over others are able to stay that way by using their resources to exploit those who are struggling.

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