What is another word for unequal?

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[ ʌnˈiːkwə͡l], [ ʌnˈiːkwə‍l], [ ʌ_n_ˈiː_k_w_əl]

Synonyms for Unequal:

asymmetrical (adjective) deficient (adjective) different (adjective) diverse (adjective) eastern poison oak (adjective) unequal (adjective) unjust (adjective) various (adjective) asymmetrical deficient diverse eastern poison oak irregular Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Unequal:

  1. sequel, equal;
  2. coequal;

Quotes for Unequal:

  1. It is wrong to use equal language for unequal actions. Peter Akinola.
  2. I should like to suggest to you that the cause of all the economic troubles is that we have an economic system which tries to maintain an equality of value between two things, which it would be better to recognise from the beginning as of unequal value. Paul Dirac.
  3. Again two manufacturers may employ the same amount of fixed, and the same amount of circulating capital; but the durability of their fixed capitals may be very unequal David Ricardo.