What is another word for angled?

Pronunciation: [ˈaŋɡə͡ld] (IPA)

The word "angled" means to position or slope in a way that is not perpendicular or horizontal. Synonyms for angled include "tilted", "inclined", "slanted", "sloped", "graded", "leaning", "askew", "oblique", "diagonal", "crooked", and "canted". These words can be used interchangeably to describe how an object is positioned or how a person is standing. An angled position can create interesting perspectives and enhance visual appeal. Whether it's a building's architecture, a photograph's composition, or a simple gesture, an angled expression can add depth and dimension to any experience.

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What are the opposite words for angled?

The antonyms for the word "angled" include straight, level, untwisted, linear, and direct. These words signify the opposite of the angled or oblique direction that characterizes angled. A straight line does not show any angles; it is an unbroken flow from one point to another. Level refers to a surface or object without any inclination or slope. Untwisted suggests that there is no twisting or turning of something. Linear indicates something that has a straight, unbroken line from one end to the other. Direct implies a straightforward path or course in which an object or person moves towards the destination without any deviation or bending.

What are the antonyms for Angled?

Usage examples for Angled

Mrs. Bal had angled for Somerled, and he had been one of her few failures.
"The Heather-Moon"
C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
Capillitium of very slender tubules, radiating from numerous points of the columella, forming a delicate net-work of very small meshes, scarcely expanded at the angles; the nodules of lime small, not numerous, roundish or obtusely angled, white or yellowish.
"The Myxomycetes of the Miami Valley, Ohio"
A. P. Morgan
Olive fell in with her mother's plans, and she angled industriously for Lord Kilcarney.
George Moore

Famous quotes with Angled

  • I don't believe in right-angled turning points.
    Timothy West
  • As long as he could whisper, he would go on as he had begun, bluntly refusing to meet his creator with the admission that the creation had taught him nothing except that the square of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle might for convenience be taken as equal to something else. Every man with self-respect enough to become effective, if only as a machine, has had to account to himself for himself somehow, and to invent a formula of his own for his universe, if the standard formulas failed.
    Henry Adams
  • In geometry the following theorems are attributed to him [Thales]—and their character shows how the Greeks had to begin at the very beginning of the theory—(1) that a circle is bisected by any diameter (Eucl. I., Def. 17), (2) that the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal (Eucl. I., 5), (3) that, if two straight lines cut one another, the vertically opposite angles are equal (Eucl. I., 15), (4) that, if two triangles have two angles and one side respectively equal, the triangles are equal in all respects (Eucl. I., 26). He is said (5) to have been the first to inscribe a right-angled triangle in a circle: which must mean that he was the first to discover that the angle in a semicircle is a right angle. He also solved two problems in practical geometry: (1) he showed how to measure the distance from the land of a ship at sea (for this he is said to have used the proposition numbered (4) above), and (2) he measured the heights of pyramids by means of the shadow thrown on the ground (this implies the use of similar triangles in the way that the Egyptians had used them in the construction of pyramids).
    Thomas Little Heath
  • You & James Ferdinand simply can't learn to distinguish betwixt intellectual opinion & irrelevant instinctive emotion . . . For instance, he has the idea that I place an exaggerated valuation on the 18th century merely because my chance emotions have given me a strong but irrational sense of belonging to it. I've told that bird dozens of times that I have no especial brief for Georgian days . . . He can't understand my ability to class as merely one period among others an age to which random early impressions have so closely bound my emotions & sense of identity . . . the point is that my own personal mess of subjective emotions has nothing whatever to do with my intellectual opinions. I have freely declared myself at all times (like everybody else in his respective way) a mere product of my background, & do not consider the values of that background as applicable to outsiders. The only way for the individual to achieve any contentment or harmonic relationship to a pattern is to adhere to the background naturally his; & that is what I am doing. Others I urge to adhere to respective backgrounds & traditions, however remote from mine these may be. When I venture now & then to suggest values of a more general kind, I approach the problem in an entirely different way—speaking not as Old Theobald of His Majesty's Rhode-Island Colony, but as the cosmic & impersonal Ec'h-Pi-El, denizen of the invisible world 'Ui-ulh in the second zone of curved space outside angled space . . . If there is any approach to an absolute value in the cosmos—or at least on this planet—then this is it. Sincerity—is-or-isn't-ness—technical perfection—harmony—coherence—consistency—symmetry—all these things are obviously aspects of one single property of space, energy, & general mathematical harmonics whose universality gives it the deepest possible significance. I have thought this all my life, & that is why to me one Newton or Einstein, one M. Atilius Regulus, M. Porcius Cato, or P. Cornelius Scipio, seems to me in certain ways worth a full dozen of your prattling little Keatses & Baudelaires.
    H. P. Lovecraft
  • They stand not aloof with the gaping vacuity of vulgar ignorance, nor bend with the cringe of sycophantic insignificance. The graceful pride of truth knows no extremes, and preserves, in every latitude of life, the right-angled character of man.
    Thomas Paine

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