What is another word for starved?

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[ stˈɑːvd], [ stˈɑːvd], [ s_t_ˈɑː_v_d]

Synonyms for Starved:

starved (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Starved:

  1. carved;

Quotes for Starved:

  1. When I see someone who is starved they don't look alert. They don't have boundless energy. If you're too skinny, it looks like you're near death. Kirstie Alley.
  2. Well, I got pretty good and went on the road with a group. We starved At that time I didn't realize that you'd work one gig in Kansas City, the next in Florida and the next gig will be in Louisville. You know, a thousand miles a night. That was really rough, man. Wes Montgomery.
  3. Today's films are so technological that an actor becomes starved for roles that deal with human relationships. Natalie Wood.