What is another word for chockfull?

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[ t͡ʃˈɒkfʊl], [ t‍ʃˈɒkfʊl], [ tʃ_ˈɒ_k_f_ʊ_l]

Related words: chock full o nuts, chock o' nuts, o'chock full o nuts, chockful of nuts, chock-o-full-o-nuts

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    Synonyms for Chockfull:

    How to use "Chockfull" in context?

    In most cases, when someone talks about being "chockfull," they are referring to something that is overflowing. The sense of being "overwhelmed by a feeling of being full" is often the result of consuming too much food, or drink. In some cases, this can lead to discomfort or poor digestive health. The word "chock" comes from the Old English word for a wine cask. The word "chockfull" is sometimes used figuratively to describe something that is overwhelmingly busy or full of activity.

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