What is another word for atrophied?

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Atrophied is a common term that refers to the gradual decline or deterioration of a body organ or muscle when not being used or stimulated adequately. There are numerous synonyms for this word, including weakening, wasting, degenerating, dwindling, and shrinking. Dilapidated, decaying, meager, emaciated, and feeble are also words that can be used to describe atrophied conditions. Some other equivalents that signify a similar meaning to atrophied are languishing, withering, declining, and deteriorating. These synonyms are essential to use when describing the gradual loss of muscle or organ function due to lack of care, nutrition, exercise, or disease, and they add color and depth to one's writing, helping to paint vivid pictures that resonate with the readers.

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    To be "atrophied" is to have the physical ability to function at a reduced level or to have lost a bodily tissue or organ to disuse or disease. It can also describe a state of moral or spiritual depletion. The term often is used to describe a person or a society that has lost its vitality or spirit.

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