What is another word for bareness?

Pronunciation: [bˈe͡ənəs] (IPA)

The word "bareness" refers to the state of being uncovered or exposed, which can evoke a sense of vulnerability or simplicity. Synonyms for "bareness" include "nakedness," which denotes a lack of clothing or concealment, and "sparseness," which suggests a scarcity or emptiness of substance. "Baldness" also conveys a sense of starkness or simplicity, especially in describing a landscape or architectural style. "Bareness" can also be expressed through the word "austerity," which connotes a deliberate lack of ornamentation or extravagance. Other synonyms for "bareness" include "plainness," "simplicity," and "rawness," all of which suggest a lack of refinement or embellishment.

Synonyms for Bareness:

What are the hypernyms for Bareness?

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What are the opposite words for bareness?

Bareness refers to the state of being naked, minimal or plain. Its antonyms can be described as lushness, abundance, fullness, richness or opulence. Lushness is the state of being full of vegetation or greenery, opposite to the barrenness of an area. Abundance is the state of having a large quantity, contrasting to the scarcity or emptiness of something. Fullness describes the state of being complete, plump or voluminous, unlike the emptiness of bareness. Richness is the state of having a great amount of valuable or high-quality material, which differs from the simplicity of bareness. Finally, opulence is the state of being luxurious and elaborate, contrasting the simplicity of bareness.

What are the antonyms for Bareness?

Usage examples for Bareness

The bareness of the floor was relieved by a number of well-dressed bear skins.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody
She talked with Nance, and seemed to be in the gayest of moods as they fitted up the room, using every effort to overcome its bareness with the few meagre things she had brought with her.
"If Any Man Sin"
H. A. Cody
He rose to his feet, and the pitiful bareness of the place seemed to become suddenly enhanced by the quiet dignity of his demeanor.
"The New Tenant"
E. Phillips Oppenheim

Famous quotes with Bareness

  • Simplicity should not be identified with bareness.
    Felix Adler
  • I feel the need of attaining the maximum of intensity with the minimum of means. It is this which has led me to give my painting a character of even greater bareness.
    Joan Miro
  • How like a winter hath my absence been From thee, the pleasure of the fleeting year What freezings have I felt, what dark days seen, What old December's bareness everywhere
    William Shakespeare
  • The bareness and cruelty and misery of this generation now cry aloud for God-saturated and Jesus-challenged deliverers.
    Kirby Page
  • Going forth into the bareness and darkness of this unwalled world of high contemplation, you will find stored for you, and at last made real, all the highest values, all the dearest and noblest experiences of the world of growth and change.
    Evelyn Underhill

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