What is another word for contradictory?

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The word contradictory means expressing or implying the opposite of another statement. It can be helpful to know other words that also mean contradictory to expand our vocabulary and better understand how to communicate. Synonyms for contradictory include conflicting, contrasting, paradoxical, opposing, antithetical, and incompatible, which are words that convey a sense of opposition or inconsistency. Some other synonyms that can convey the same meaning as contradictory include diametrical, counter, opposite, and contrary. It's important to know these synonyms to be able to express thoughts and ideas with more precision, nuance and accuracy.

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How to use "Contradictory" in context?

When was the last time you felt really contradicted? Was it when your spouse said they loved you, while texting someone else at the same time? Imagine feeling like a complete contradiction of yourself on such a large scale - that's how it feels to be contradicting your principles. Paradox is a powerful tool that can be used to explore different ideas or perspectives. It's often used in conjunction with contradictions, which is why they can create such a powerful impact. So how can paradox help you clarify your beliefs and ideas?

1. Paradox can help you explore different ideas or perspectives.

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