What is another word for destructive?

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Destructive is a word that expresses damage and harm. There are many synonyms for the word destructive. Some of the most common include harmful, disastrous, ruinous, devastating, catastrophic, detrimental, lethal, and damaging. Other synonyms include baleful, deleterious, pernicious, noxious, hurtful, and injurious. These words all convey a sense of negative impact and undesirable consequences. With these words, we understand that something is causing destruction or damage, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological. It is important to understand the different synonyms for the word destructive, as it can help us to better describe the nature of harm and damage caused by something.

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    How to use "Destructive" in context?

    1. Most people use the word "destructive" to describe things that they disapprove of, such as someone who is destructive to property. But there is a slightly different definition of "destructive" that is often used in business. Put simply, something that is destructive to a company or economy is something that prevents it from making money, growing, and becoming successful.

    2. This can be anything from a chronic loss of customers to a weak product that no one wants to buy. In fact, many companies have policies against doing anything that is destructive to their own business - even if that means losing money.

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