What is another word for devilish?

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When looking for synonyms for the word "devilish," words that come to mind include wicked, diabolical, fiendish and sinister. Other options might include evil, malevolent, malicious or nefarious. Each of these synonyms conveys a sense of something dark and dangerous, with the potential to do harm. Devils are often seen as tricksters or tempters, so synonyms could also include sly, cunning, or even mischievous. For a more literary or poetic take, words like hellish, infernal, or even nightmarish could also be used to describe something with a devilish quality. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context and the tone you want to convey.

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How to use "Devilish" in context?

There's no shortage of adjectives to describe someone as wicked. From treacherous to diabolical, these words capture the essence of someone who projects a negative image, often with intent. The term devilish has an especially descriptive flavor, conjuring up images of cunning and malevolence. Here are five reasons why this term is a perfect fit for some people:

1. Devilish implies a certain level of cunning.

Devilish characters often outwit others and manage to get their way in spite of seeming disadvantageous. This level of cleverness is a hallmark of the devilish personality.

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