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The word "hellish" is often used to describe something that is incredibly unpleasant and unpleasantly difficult. However, there are numerous alternatives to "hellish" that can be used to convey similar meaning. Words such as "nightmarish," "terrifying," "frightening," "gruesome," and "appalling" may all be used to express the extreme difficulty of a situation or experience. Other options include "torturous," "excruciating," "punishing," and "oppressive," which all convey a sense of intense pain or hardship. Ultimately, there are many words that can be used instead of "hellish," each of which can convey a slightly different sense of difficulty or horror.

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How to use "Hellish" in context?

Hell is a place of torment and punishment in the Bible and other religions. It is also a place of eternal suffering in the afterlife. In classical mythology, hell is the underworld that is inhabited by demons and Other evil spirits. In some beliefs, people who do bad things in this life may go to hell. In other religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, the concept of hell is not as developed, but it may involve living with pain or suffering for eternity.

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