What is another word for overwrought?

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Overwrought is an adjective that describes someone who is anxious, tense, or agitated. However, there are several synonyms that can be used instead of overwrought to describe the same state of being. One such word is "stressed," which refers to someone who is under pressure or feeling overwhelmed. Another synonym is "frazzled," which suggests someone who is mentally and emotionally exhausted due to stress. The word "agitated" can also be used as a synonym for overwrought. It suggests someone who is highly emotional and restless. Finally, "edgy" is a synonym that describes someone who is jumpy and easily upset, which is another way to describe being overwrought.

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There's no such thing as too much celebration, right? And really, who can keep track of when enough is enough? Apparently, overzealous people, because they're the ones who often end up making life worse for themselves, and everyone around them. There's a fine line between elation and overindulgence, and too often, we don't give people the opportunity to find it.

Letting yourself go a little wild just once in a while can be fun, but overdoing it can quickly lead to a host of problems. For one, you may wind up ruining your good karma.

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