What is another word for vertex?

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Vertex is a word that represents the highest point or peak of something. Its synonyms include summit, apex, pinnacle, zenith, acme, crest, tip, top, crown, and the highest point. These words are often used interchangeably with vertex when describing the highest part of a mountain, building, or graph. Vertex is also used in mathematics as a term to describe the highest point of an angle or polygon. Another synonym for vertex in mathematics is a node, which refers to the points where lines intersect in a network or graph. Overall, synonyms for vertex can add variety and precision to one's language when describing the highest points of objects or mathematical concepts.

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    How to use "Vertex" in context?

    Vertex is a 3D graphics term that refers to the corner, or point, at which two lines intersect in a 3D object. When you view a 3D object from a particular angle, the vertex at that angle is the most visible part of the object.

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