What is another word for seam?

Pronunciation: [sˈiːm] (IPA)

The word seam refers to the line of junction or joining, especially that formed by sewing. Synonyms for seam include stitch, line, join, seamline, hem, bond, and fastening. Other synonyms include crease, fold, wrinkle, and pleat, all of which denote a place where something is bent or has been folded. Seam can also be used in a metaphorical sense to imply the connection between two things or the junction that binds together two parts of something. In this context, words like connection, link, bond, tie, and knot can be used as synonyms for seam.

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What are the opposite words for seam?

The antonyms for the word "seam" are "smooth" or "seamless." When something is smooth, it means that there are no irregularities or bumps that would suggest a seam. A seamless object has no visible seams, and it appears to be one complete piece. In the world of fashion, seams are necessary to hold pieces of fabric together, but when something is seamless, it has a clean, streamlined look. In general, the absence of a seam suggests a level of quality and sophistication, while seams can be indicative of a more casual or industrial aesthetic.

What are the antonyms for Seam?

  • n.

    line where two objects are connected

Usage examples for Seam

The simplest form of a fault is that shewn in the following diagram, where strata of sandstone and shale, with a coal-seam, S, have been shifted along the line f.
James Geikie
This coarse sewing with cocoa-nut fibre cord laces a straw rope against the inside of the seam, and this apparently swells when wet and gives elasticity and play, and keeps out a considerable amount of water.
"From Edinburgh to India & Burmah"
William G. Burn Murdoch
The deep-set eyes alone told of talent-their gaze inscrutable and calculating; a disappointed life could be read in every seam of the brow.
James Huneker

Famous quotes with Seam

  • There is no seam between my songs and myself-they really are me. It's not like I'm performing; I'm just singing stuff that I really believe.
    David Friedman
  • A lady is smarter than a gentleman, maybe, she can sew a fine seam, she can have a baby, she can use her intuition instead of her brain, but she can't fold a paper in a crowded train.
    Phyllis McGinley
  • Winter lay among the Outer Hebrides. Day was a sullen glimmer between two darknesses, often smothered in snow. When it did not fling itself upon the rocks and burst in freezing spume, the North Atlantic rolled in heavy and gnawing. There was no real horizon; leaden waves met leaden sky and misty leaden light hid the seam.
    Poul Anderson
  • A small but significant number of angry and historically minded women comprehend the women's revolution in the visionary sense of an end to the catastrophic brotherhood and a return to the former glory and wise equanimity of the matriarchies. We don't know how this will take place exactly, nor the resultant nature of the new social forms, we know that it take place, and in fact that the process of its development is now irreversibly underway. Of supreme importance in this process is the recovery by modern woman of her mythology as models for theory, consciousness, and action.... The Swiss patrician Jacob Bachofen was one of the first to discover "the female era at the lower seam of history, with its sacerdotal, political, and economic female dominion." …. The fruits of this research were until recently unavailable except to a few initiates and they now form a cornerstone of the second wave in the feminist revolution....
    Jill Johnston
  • "You don't know very much about women, do you?" she said. "Women aren't interested in poets' dreams. They are interested in facts. It doesn't even matter whether the facts are true or not, as long as they match the other facts without leaving a rough seam."
    William Faulkner

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