What is another word for wampum?

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Wampum is a term that refers to small cylindrical beads, typically made from quahog shells, that have been strung together and used as a form of currency or ornamentation by Native American tribes in the northeastern United States. There are a few different words that can be used as synonyms for wampum, including "peag", "suckauhock", and "wampumpeag". These words all refer to essentially the same thing - a type of bead made by Native American tribes from shells - but each has its own nuances and regional associations. Regardless of the term used, wampum is an important symbol of Native American history and culture.

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    The maquinnae of the wampum belt cultivated and traded around the great Lakes region and beyond were renowned for their intricate, colorful and distinctive designs. Wampum is made by Processing raw shellfish in a primitive method, then soaking the resulting cloth in water mixed with small amounts of alum and salt. The finished product is then dried in the sun and lustrous.

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