What is another word for refund?

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[ ɹ_ɪ_f_ˈʌ_n_d], [ ɹɪfˈʌnd], [ ɹɪfˈʌnd]

Synonyms for Refund:

discounted price (noun) payment (noun) restitution (noun) pay (verb) recompense (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Refund:

  1. stunned, shunned, fund;
  2. jocund, rotund;

Quotes for Refund:

  1. While tax refunds amount to substantial income for many Americans, current IRS rules do not allow taxpayers to directly deposit their refund into more than one account. Jim Cooper.
  2. In general, anyone who paid the long distance telephone tax will get the refund on their 2006 federal income tax return. This includes individuals, businesses and non -profit organizations. Virgil Goode.
  3. I suppose they're like the I. R. S. You move once and they never send you your refund check. Preston Sturges.

Idioms of Refund:

  1. refund sth to sm;

Adjectives for Refund:

  • token,
  • speedy,
  • goddamned,
  • consequent,
  • immediate,
  • requisite,
  • considerable,
  • damned,
  • double,
  • complete,
  • general,
  • amazing,
  • long,
  • full and cheery,
  • cheery,
  • dubious,
  • partial,
  • full.