What is another word for carbohydrate?

Pronunciation: [kˌɑːbə͡ʊhˈa͡ɪdɹe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Carbohydrates are one of the most essential and vital macronutrients required for the body's proper and healthy functioning. Some common synonyms used interchangeably with the word carbohydrate include saccharides, sugars, starches, glucose, fructose, and dextrins. These words refer to the basic units that make up carbohydrates, which are simple sugars. Other synonyms related to carbohydrates include glycogen, cellulose, chitin, and pectin, which are all complex carbohydrates. These synonyms are widely used in scientific research and education, as well as in the food industry and nutrition field. Overall, the synonyms for carbohydrates are numerous but all refer to the same essential nutrient vital for human health.

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Usage examples for Carbohydrate

They should be used in connection with more bulky carbohydrate foods, such as vegetables, fruits, bread, crackers, etc.
Kleber, L. O., Mrs.
The other great member of the starch, or carbohydrate, group of foods is sugar.
"A Handbook of Health"
Woods Hutchinson
In this way their carbohydrate content is reduced, probably about one-half.
"The Starvation Treatment of Diabetes"
Lewis Webb Hill Rena S. Eckman

Famous quotes with Carbohydrate

  • It's so logical and so simple. Fat is the backup fuel system. The role it plays in the body is that when there's no carbohydrate around, fat will become the primary energy fuel. That's pretty well known.
    Robert Atkins
  • The foodstuff, carbohydrate, is essentially a packet of hydrogen, a hydrogen supplier, a hydrogen donor, and the main event during its combustion is the splitting off of hydrogen.
    Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  • I started reading and talking and interviewing nutritionists and a thread was starting to form for me which is - a protein digests in a different rate of speed than a carbohydrate.
    Suzanne Somers
  • It is more important to eat some carbohydrates at breakfast, because the brain needs fuel right away, and carbohydrate is the best source.
    Andrew Weil
  • Wayne Tell me, when the first show is over, will you still love me when I'm an incredibly humungoid giant star Cassandra Yeah. Wayne Will you still love me when I'm in my hanging-out-with-Ravi-Shankar phase Cassandra Yeah. Wayne Will you still love me when I'm in my carbohydrate, sequined-jumpsuit, young-girls-in-white-cotton-panties, waking-up-in-a-pool-of-your-own-vomit, bloated-purple-dead-on-a-toilet phase Cassandra Yeah. Wayne Okay, party. Bonus.
    Wayne's World

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