What is another word for wash one's hands of?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒʃ wˈɒnz hˈandz ɒv] (IPA)

'Wash one's hands of' is an idiomatic expression meaning to distance oneself from a situation, to refuse responsibility or involvement in something. There are several synonyms for this expression including 'disengage from,' 'wash your hands clean of,' 'walk away from,' 'abandon,' 'disown,' 'renounce,' 'dissociate,' 'divest,' 'sever ties,' 'cut loose', and 'break ties with.' Each of these phrases is commonly used to describe situations where one wishes to be absolved of any responsibility or association. Using synonyms can help create variety in your writing, making it more engaging to read. It is important to choose the most fitting synonym which conveys the intended meaning.

What are the opposite words for wash one's hands of?

The phrase "wash one's hands of" reflects the action of disassociating oneself from a matter or problem. The opposite of this phrase could be the expression, "roll up one's sleeves," which signifies getting one's hands dirty and taking responsibility for a situation. Another antonym for washing one's hands of could be "embracing," which implies taking a vested interest in the matter at hand. Likewise, some other synonyms could be "engage," "support," or "assist," suggesting an active and involved approach to resolving the issue. Overall, these antonyms present a sense of accountability and a willingness to tackle challenges rather than ignoring or avoiding them.

What are the antonyms for Wash one's hands of?

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