What is another word for cast off?

Pronunciation: [kˈast ˈɒf] (IPA)

The term "cast off" is a versatile phrase that can be used in different contexts, such as letting go, releasing, or getting rid of something. When looking for synonyms to replace "cast off," there are several options available, depending on the desired tone and level of formality. For example, "discard," "dump," and "abandon" are all strong, negative expressions that suggest a sense of finality or rejection. Conversely, "release," "let go," and "detach" are more neutral, peaceful words that connote a sense of acceptance or surrender. Finally, "dispose of," "shed," and "part with" imply a more practical or business-like tone, emphasizing the act of getting rid of something for a specific purpose.

What are the hypernyms for Cast off?

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What are the hyponyms for Cast off?

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What are the opposite words for cast off?

Cast off is a phrase that can have various meanings, such as discarding or getting rid of something or someone, untethering something from its current position, or even setting sail. In contrast to the term cast off, some antonyms include keep, retain, connect, anchor, moor, and secure. Rather than pushing away or letting go, these words suggest the opposite of cast off, which involves holding onto or keeping something in place. For instance, when you keep your belongings, you are doing the opposite of casting them off or discarding them. Similarly, when you anchor a boat, you are preventing it from casting off and drifting away.

What are the antonyms for Cast off?

Famous quotes with Cast off

  • For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
    Nelson Mandela
  • When men take pleasure in feeling their minds elevated with strong drink, and so indulge their appetite as to disorder their understandings, neglect their duty as members of a family or civil society, and cast off all regard to religion, their case is much to be pitied.
    John Woolman
  • For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
    Nelson Mandela
  • I was glad to get away from those students when I was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study in London. I found myself in the British Museum, at first content, reading English Renaissance literature. But then came the crisis: the domed silence; the dusty pages of books all around me; the days accumulating in lists of obsequious footnotes; the wandering doubts about the value of scholarship. My year in Britain came to an end and I rushed to ‘come home.’ Then quickly discovered that I could not. Could not cast off the culture I had assumed. Living with my parents for the summer, I remained an academic—a kind of anthropologist in the family kitchen, searching for evidence of our ‘cultural ties’ as we ate dinner together.
    Richard Rodriguez
  • He existed in all the many dimensions of the multiverse. Yet he, in common with all others, was bound by the dimension of Time. He had cast off the chains of space but was tied, as perhaps all denizens of the multiverse would always be, by the imperturbable prowl of Time, which brooked no halt, which condoned no tampering with its movement, whether to slow it or to speed it. Time, the changer, could not be changed. Space, perhaps, the material environment, could be conquered. Time, never.
    Michael Moorcock

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