What is another word for tergiversate?

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Tergiversate is a powerful word that means to change sides, shift position or evade a standing point. It is often associated with politicians and other people in power who change their minds to suit their interests. Some synonyms for tergiversate include equivocate, waver, vacillate, shuffle, and fence. Equivocate means to use ambiguous language to avoid committing or taking a definite stand. Waver refers to indecision and inability to choose a side. Vacillate means to swing back and forth between two points of view, while shuffle refers to changing positions to avoid a direct answer. On the other hand, fence means to evade a topic or question by providing vague responses.

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How to use "Tergiversate" in context?

The term "tergiversate" is derived from the Latin word "tergiversare," meaning "to change one's mind." Tergiversation may be defined as a temporary refusal or inability to act in the face of an effective or imminent request for action. Tergiversation can be characterised by an increasing unwillingness to take a definite stand on an issue, an alternating pattern of behaviour between two opposite positions, or a repeated failure to take any action even in the face of perceived challenges or opportunities. The term has been applied to a range of behaviours, including political abstention, procrastination, andDefaulting on Credit Cards.

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