What is another word for recant?

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Recantation is the act of retracting or renouncing an earlier statement or belief. Some synonyms for this word include retract, disavow, repudiate, renounce, revoke, rescind, withdraw, and abjure. These words indicate a reversal of one's previously held beliefs or actions. To recant a statement may be a difficult decision, as it may indicate a change in one's character or standing in a community. It is important to choose the correct synonym based on the specific context in which the recantation is being made. Whether it is a personal belief, political stance, or religious doctrine, recanting can have significant consequences.

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    Recantation is a word that refers to an act of retracting or modifying an earlier statement. It can also refer to the act of making a statement again, after having previously denied it or rejected it. In general, recantation can refer to any instance in which someone changes their mind about something.

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