What is another word for Retainment?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪtˈe͡ɪnmənt] (IPA)

Retainment is the act of keeping or holding something or someone in custody or possession. There are numerous synonyms for the term, including retention, preservation, maintenance, custody, and ownership. Other interchangeable phrases include possession, confinement, detention, tenure, and control. Each word carries slightly different connotations. For example, retention generally refers to holding onto something that already belongs to a person or group, while custody implies legal responsibility and obligation. Similarly, ownership is more focused on the legal right to possess something, while maintenance implies ongoing care and upkeep. Overall, it's important to consider the context in which the word is used to choose the most appropriate synonym.

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What are the hypernyms for Retainment?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for Retainment?

Retainment refers to the action or process of retaining or keeping something or someone in a particular place or condition. The antonyms or opposite words for the term retament include release, discharge, dismissal, and liberation. Other words that indicate the opposite of retainment are surrender, abandonment, non-retention, and waiver. Each of these antonyms portrays the act of setting free, letting go, or relinquishing something from confinement. While retainment pertains to the retention, preservation, or maintenance of something or someone, its antonyms imply the opposite and signify the termination, discontinuance, or liberation of a particular thing or person.

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Usage examples for Retainment

Advancing a few steps, his handsome face aglow, his voice rang like a bugle call: "May it please your Honor: Anomalous conditions sanction, necessitate most anomalous procedure, where the goal sought is simple truth and justice; and since the prisoner prefers to rest her cause, I come to this bar as Amicus Curiae, and appeal for permission to plead in behalf of my clients, truth and justice, who hold me in perpetual Retainment.
"At the Mercy of Tiberius"
August Evans Wilson

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