What is another word for canny?

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Canny is an adjective that refers to being shrewd or careful, especially in practical matters. Synonyms for canny include astute, clever, crafty, cunning, perceptive, quick-witted, resourceful, and sharp. These words describe an individual who possesses intelligence, insight, and the ability to make wise and calculated decisions. Someone who is canny might be described as being wise or experienced, whereas one who is astute is often seen as being observant and insightful. Similarly, someone who is crafty implies a level of cunning or deviousness, while someone who is resourceful is often able to find solutions to any problem that arises.

Synonyms for Canny:

How to use "Canny" in context?

The word 'canny' has a variety of meanings, all of which are relevant in this context. The first definition is 'quick-witted'. This is an important quality for anyone in business, as you need to be able to think on your feet and be able to quickly come up with a solution to a problem.

The second meaning is more literal. It refers to someone who is nimble and able to move quickly and easily. This is an important quality when you are dealing with other people, as you need to be able to get round them and obstacles.

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  • Canney.

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