What is another word for be-deviled?

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[ biːdˈɛvə͡ld], [ biːdˈɛvə‍ld], [ b_iː_d_ˈɛ_v_əl_d]

The term "be-deviled" can be replaced with a myriad of synonyms to convey a similar meaning. Some potential options include "tormented," "plagued," "haunted," "bedeviled," "pestered," " afflicted," and "tormented." All of these words suggest that someone or something is causing significant difficulty or distress in one's life. Be-deviled often implies a sense of ongoing irritation or harassment, as though the person or thing causing problems is persistent. By using a synonym for this word, you can add nuance to your writing while still communicating the same basic concept.

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    How to use "Be-deviled" in context?

    Be-deviled is a word meaning to be tricked or fooled. It is derived from the Old English word bevedel, meaning a prank or a hoax. The word was first recorded in 1598.

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