What is another word for put out?

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The phrase "put out" is commonly used in English, but sometimes you may feel like you're overusing it. If that's the case, it's time to mix things up by using synonyms for this phrase. Some possible alternatives include "extinguish," "quench," and "douse." Another option is "suppress," which can be used when you want to describe something that is being actively prevented from spreading or continuing. If you're talking about a fire, you might say that the firefighters were able to control it, while if you're talking about a rumor that is spreading, you could say that the person who started it was able to "snuff it out." Whether you're writing a paper, chatting with friends, or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, there are plenty of ways to say "put out" without sounding repetitive.

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    The phrase "put out" usually refers to extinguishing a fire or light, but it can also mean to inconvenience, irritate, or upset someone. Antonyms for the phrasal verb include kindle, ignite, light, spark, and ignite. These words all refer to starting a fire, whereas the word 'put out' denotes extinguishing one. Other antonyms for "put out" that convey a positive meaning include please, delight, gratify, satisfy, and elate. These words connote satisfaction or pleasure, as opposed to the unhappiness or inconvenience that "put out" can imply. Using antonyms for "put out" can help to express a positive emotion and avoid negative connotations.

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