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Thunder is a powerful sound made by lightning, and it is often associated with storms. There are several words and phrases that can be used as synonyms for thunder, including rumble, roar, boom, clap, crack, explosion, and peal. Rumble is typically used to describe continuous low-pitched thunder, whereas roar can refer to a deep or loud thunderclap. Boom is often used to describe a sudden and loud thunderclap, while clap is typically used to describe a sharp and sudden sound. Crack is similar in meaning to clap, but it can also refer to a dramatic and forceful sound. Peal and explosion both refer to a loud and sudden thunderclap.

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How to use "Thunder" in context?

1. thunder is one of nature's most frightening sounds. It can be so loud and intense, you can feel the ground shake. It's also one of the most beautiful sights in the sky.

2. Thunder is caused by the air pressure inside a storm getting so high that it can't expand any further. The pressure builds up until something breaks the barrier and the sound waves are released.

3. Thunder can be a warning sign of a more bad storm on the way. Listen for the rumble and listen for the sound of the rain and thunder.

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