What is another word for cristal?

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The word "cristal" is most commonly associated with the clear and transparent material that is commonly used for glass items such as windows and cups. However, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe this type of material, including "glass," "crystal," "clear glass," "translucent glass," and "transparent glass." Some other less common synonyms include "quartz," "silica," "refractive material," and "lucite." Whether you need to describe a piece of fine crystal or simply a pane of glass, there are many synonyms available to help you find just the right word to convey your meaning.

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Usage examples for Cristal

They have never seen or heard of the Sierra del cristal, the mountain-range at the eastern end of Cuba, inhabited by runaways, where white men hardly dare to go.
"To Cuba and Back"
Richard Henry Dana

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