What is another word for enrapture?

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[ ɛnɹˈapt͡ʃə], [ ɛnɹˈapt‍ʃə], [ ɛ_n_ɹ_ˈa_p_tʃ_ə]

Synonyms for Enrapture:

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What is enrapture?

Enrapture is an electronic music duo consisting of producers Joel Mull, andJamie Reynolds. They strive to produce innovative and captivating electronic music that will leave listeners yearning for more. With releases on Kaskade's prestigious Insomniac label, as well as their own label, Enrapture show no signs of relenting in their quest to produce music that will touch and engage listeners on a personal level.

The duo's debut EP, "Reckless," was released in 2016 and showcased the duo's ability to create emotive and haunting electronic music.

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