What is another word for impound?

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Impound is a verb used to describe the act of confiscating or seizing property, typically by legal authority. Its synonyms include seize, confiscate, bring in, take away, sequester, detain, and impede. These words all convey a similar sense of taking something away from someone, whether temporarily or permanently. Other related synonyms include repossess, collect, detain, and lock up. In legal contexts, impound may be used specifically to refer to the seizure of a vehicle or other property, while other synonyms may have broader applications. Regardless of the synonym used, the act of impounding implies some level of authority and control over the property in question.

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How to use "Impound" in context?

When you're driving, you may have noticed a sign that says "impound." This is a place where you can take your car if you've been caught driving illegal. The police will take your car and give it back to you after they've done whatever they need to do to prosecute you.

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