What is another word for drown?

404 synonyms found


[ d_ɹ_ˈaʊ_n], [ dɹˈa͡ʊn], [ dɹˈa‍ʊn]

Synonyms for Drown:

flood (verb) immerse (verb) kill (verb) defeat eastern poison oak flood Other synonyms: wet

Rhymes for Drown:

  1. frown, clown, town, crown, lown, brown, browne, down, gown;
  2. uptown, around, renown;

Quotes for Drown:

  1. You can't drown yourself in drink. I've tried, you float. John Barrymore.
  2. Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge. Daniel J. Boorstin.
  3. If one synchronised swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too? Steven Wright.

Idioms of Drown:

  1. drown sm ( or an animal) out;
  2. drown one's troubles;
  3. drown your sorrows;