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Engulf refers to a situation where something overwhelms or covers something else completely. There are several synonyms for the word 'engulf' that can be used to add variety and depth to your vocabulary. For instance, words like submerge, immerse, deluge, inundate, engulf, and flood can be used in place of engulf. Each of these terms depicts a different level of intensity in the action of covering or overwhelming. For instance, submerge typically refers to something that sinks beneath the surface, while inundate denotes a flood or an overwhelming quantity that covers something. Therefore, using synonyms can provide your writing with a distinct and vibrant quality.

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How to use "Engulf" in context?

When someone speaks of being engulfed, they may be thinking of something that happened to them in a past life. For some, it may be a literal experience where they were suddenly surrounded by a group of people or a large body of water. In other cases, it may be a figurative experience where someone feels overwhelmed or trapped. The physical and emotional response to being engulfed differs from person to person, but for most, it is an alarming and uncomfortable experience.

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