What is another word for wallow?

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Wallow is a verb that means to indulge in something deeply or spend time excessively. There are several synonyms for wallow, including bask, luxuriate, revel, soak, immerse, indulge, indulge in, surrender to, and give oneself up to. Bask means to enjoy something by soaking up the sun or spending time in a particular atmosphere. Luxuriate refers to taking pleasure in something that makes a person feel comfortable or relaxed. Revel involves taking great delight in something. Soak means to enjoy something by immersing oneself in it. Indulge suggests satisfying one's desires or enjoying something excessively. Indulge in means to allow oneself to enjoy something. Surrender to and give oneself up to both mean to abandon oneself to a particular feeling or activity.

Synonyms for Wallow:

How to use "Wallow" in context?

Wallow is a verb meaning to wallow in something; to submerge or immerse the body or mind in something. To wallow is to experience deep emotions or to become deeply involved in something without regard to the consequences. People often wallow in negative emotions such as sadness, anger, or despair. They might spend hours raging against the world or dwelling on past hurts.

Homophones for Wallow:

  • wallo.

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